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50. C.B.S.E STD VII Second Term Exam History NEW TYPE QUESTIONS മാതൃകാ ചോദ്യങ്ങള്‍

MODEL QUESTION PAPER 2007-08, ( Time: 1hr)
STD: VII, HISTORY , ( Marks: 40)

Section A 1/2 x 10=5 1. Fill in the blanks:-
1...............was an Englishman who came to India towards the end of the sixteenth century.
2. Agra under Akbar and................reached the zenith of art and culture.
3. From 1585 to ..................Lahore was the capital of Akbar`s Empire.
4. Dargahs of famous..........saints attracted Hindus and Muslims alike. sinh was an important trading town.
6. The teachings of ................are contained in the Adi Granth.
7. The Sufi teacher or guru was called a...................
8. The Sufi saints lived in a .........................
9. The saint kabir was a disciple of Swami....................
10The followers of Kabir are called..........................
11. Correct the following statements (10x1/2=5)
1. The mugal rule was from sixteenth century to eighteenth century.
2. Maps drawn by Duarte Barbosa and Ralph Fitch tell us about the administrative divisions under the Mugal Empire.
3. Mohammed Hussein was the court historian of the Akbar.
4. Shajahan constructed Fatehpur Sikri.
5. Redfort was built by Humayoon.
6. Lahore was the Capital of Shajahan`s Empire from 1585 to 1598
7. Hampi was an important centre of sugar and gold.
8. The bhakthi movement was started in the eighteenth century in north India.
9. During the midevel period the bhakthi movement spread in South India.
10.Kabir was a Sufi saint.
111. Short Answer type questions (10 x 3=30)
1. Deepa wanted to know how we get the details of towns in Mugal India. Can you help her.?
2. Suppose you have gone to Delhi and nearby states in last month. Describe the details of places in connection with Mugal Empire ? What are the specialties of those buildings ? Who founded those ?
3. What is meant by trading towns ? What they differ from others ?
4.Give details of pilgrimage centers of Mugal India ?
5.Name the cities that were important in the western India under the Mugals ?
6.What are the five sacred symbols of Sikhism ? Among them which one do you like most ? Why ?
7.Make a list of Sufi and Bhakti saints of the period ? Among them which one do you like most ? why ?
8.Find out the similarities and difference between philosophy and teachings of Sufi and Bhakthi saints ? Now a days , which are the philosophies or teachings do you think useful to people in daily life ?
9.The Sufi and Bhakthi movements cause the social reform . Do you agree with that ? Now a days , is there any movements like that in our kerala state ? If yes write the details? If no , do you think such a movement is necessary for the current situation ? If so which are the social reforms do you want ?
10.What is the importance of Kabir ? Can you identify any of his teachings in present day religious ceremonies?
C.B.S.E , STD VII , Second Term Exam , History, NEW TYPE QUESTIONS , മാതൃകാ ചോദ്യങ്ങള്‍.

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